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Being able to track the location of your cargo is essential for exporters and importers. As a company buying goods, you need to know the answer to these questions: “Where is my container?” “Is my container late?” “Has my container attained the port of destination?” “Do I need to plan for a delayed container?” As the company producing the goods, it is also essential to be informed of a delayed shipment so that you can inform your partner. On Twill, you can track the location of your container directly in the platform and follow its progression, and you get proactively notified in case a cargo is delayed.

Track a container with the bill of lading, the booking number or the container number

On most container tracking softwares, there are three ways you can find the location of your cargo: using the bill of lading number, the booking number or the container number. On Twill, you just need to select a shipment, and you will see the location of the container.

Where do you find the bill of lading number?
The bill of lading number is a unique number mixing letters and digits, and provided by the carrier. On Twill, you can find it by clicking on a booking and then on “Details”.

Where do you find the freight booking number?
The booking number is created by you or your supplier when placing the booking. In Twill, you can find it in the details of a booking.

Where do you find the container number?
The container number depends on the container type and is based on the Container Identification System. It is composed of:

  • Three letters for the owner prefix
  • One letter for the equipment identifier (U, J or Z)
  • A 6-digit serial number
  • A 1-digit check digit

In Twill, you will find it in the details of a booking, by clicking on “container”.

What are the different container tracking solutions?

There are two main methods used by container tracking services: standard and GPS

  • Standard tracking: with this method, a container is tracked at every step of the supply chain
  • GPS tracking: a GPS device is placed on the container, usually between the structural ribs of the container, to track the cargo. It can also be placed in the locking mechanism of the container

On Twill, we use the standard method for tracking shipping containers.
Whether you log in day or night, you’ll know at which step of the process your shipping container is at any given time. We track seven important steps of the shipping process:

  1. Booking initiated
  2. Arrived at port of loading
  3. Vessel departed
  4. Vessel arrived
  5. Left port of discharge
  6. Cargo delivered
  7. Booking closed

We monitor your cargo every day to ensure the information is correct and inform you in case a cargo is delayed. And in case you need extra information, our experienced customer care team is available for you.

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