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Do you want to know more about prices for shipments to and from Russia? Are you aware of specific shipping documents you might need to get your freight moving? Here you’ll find all the answers related to your questions around shipments to Russia.

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Ports and offices in Russia

St Petersburg Office

Moskovskiy prospekt, 140,

bld.2, Fabrika Business center,

196006, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg

Kirovsky District,

Oboronnaya Ulitsa, 27

St Petersburg, Russia, 198099

Ust Luga

Port of Ust-Luga
Ust-Luga Sea Port,
St Petersburg 190000,

Moscow Office

17 Chistoprudniy blvd, building 1,

Business Center “Boulevard Ring”,

101000, Moscow, Russia

Kaliningrad Office

1 Victora Gyugo str,

Business center “Lastadie”,

236006, Kaliningrad, Russia


Ulitsa Polotskaya, 28-29, Kaliningrad,

Kaliningradskaya oblast',

Russia, 236039

Vladivostok Office

45 Aleutskaya str., 11-fl «Sky City» Business Center,

690091, Vladivostok, Russia


9, Strelnikova Str.
Vladivostok 690950,

Vostochny Office

Vnutriportovaya Str 19 of. 18,

Vrangel-1, 692941, Russia

Vostochniy Port

Yuzhniy Val 1,
Vysotsk 188800,


Leninskiy Rayon, Vladivostok, Primorskij kraj,

Russia, 690001

Fish Port Terminal

Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai,

Okeanskiy Prospekt, 107

Russia, 690002

Novorossiysk Office

16/10-A Svobody/Pobedy str.,

Novorossiysk, 353900, Russia


Sukhumskoye Shosse str.,
17 А, Novorossiysk,
Krasnodar Krai, 353902


2, Petrovskaya Str
Azov, Rostov Region 346780

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