Efficient monthly fixed rates

Tired of waiting too long to get your contracts? Well, no more waiting required!

At Twill, we understand how important it is for you to have control over your freight shipping process. With our monthly fixed rates, we’re the first to give you quick and easy visibility of costs and the flexibility to plan your ocean freight in advance!

Advance shipping prices

With our monthly fixed rates, there’s no need to request a quote – which takes time to create and upload – to give you the cost of an advance booking. Ours is the only logistics platform where you see monthly fixed rates for yourself, right there and then – and can use them straight away.  

Whether you’re planning an important one-off shipment, or have a regular route you want to get booked in – our monthly fixed rates put you in charge and guarantee you don’t get any surprise costs down the line. 

Access 30-day pricing on the Twill platform

Our monthly fixed rates are available in our platform now – take a look to see how much quicker it could make booking your logistics

Want to know how it works? It is this easy!

Fixed rates montlhy

Calendar month

Our monthly fixed rates cover a calendar month.
For example, 1st July – 31st July. If you select a fixed rate on the 8th July it is valid until the 31st July. ​

Fixed rates booking time

Commit before the 15th

On the 15th of each month, you will no longer be able to commit the fixed rate for the remainder of the current month. At this point you will be shown, and be able to commit to the fixed rate contract for the next month. ​

Fixed rates fixed

Fixed rate expiry

After selecting a monthly fixed rate for your booking, you will not be able to go back and select a daily price until the expiry of the fixed rate. ​


Includes only inland

Fixed rates only include inland and will not include Value Protect or Customs House Brokerage.

Benefits of our monthly fixed rates

  • Quick monthly fixed rates

    Get quick monthly fixed rates in 3 easy steps – Search, Select and Confirm! It is this easy to start booking with your contracted rates!

  • Protected from fluctuating prices

    The cost you see is the cost you pay – which means you’re protected from fluctuating prices.

  • More control over your supply chain

    Get more control over your supply chain – with better visibility you can plan your bookings more efficiently.

  • Always get the best price

    Make the decision that’s right for you – you can lock in next month’s fixed rate since the 15th of the previous month; so you can always get the best price and manage your supply chain better.

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Your cargo’s journey never begins or ends at the port. When you’re shipping cargo, you want to get it transported from origin to destination. That’s why Twill offers Inland Transportation, enabling end-to-end shipping solutions to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and without complications.

Ocean Transportation

Take your cargo across the globe with Ocean Transport. With shipping services from over 300 ports, Twill enables small and medium-sized businesses to grow. We not only connect your business globally, but also simplify your end-to-end logistics in the process.

Value Protect

Even in the safest hands, accidents happen. If you’re shipping your cargo across the sea, you want to know that you won’t lose money if your cargo is damaged or lost. This is why Twill offers Value Protect, giving you peace of mind that your cargo is protected during transportation with us.

Customs House Brokerage

The customs clearance process can differ from country-to-country and from port-to-port. At Twill we realise the need to get your goods through customs and understand the challenges it may cause. That’s why we can handle Customs House Brokerage for you.

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