Damco customers, welcome to Twill!

We know losing a vital business partner like Damco with so much uncertainty in the air must be worrying.

That’s why we want to introduce you to Twill and show you how our services can give your logistics a logical upgrade.


The whole journey from supplier to buyer

We know how important it is to be certain your shipment is going to get where it needs to. Because we’re powered by Maersk, we’re at over 300 ports in over 150 countries, so we can handle your whole shipment from supplier to buyer. And our loading guarantee ensures your cargo will never be left at the ports for someone else’s.

Stories from our customers

We have lots of amazing business already using Twill to get their important cargo shipping around the world. 2103 of them in fact, with over 500 shipments every month. Find out how Grainger & Son are keeping the office floors under our feet on our blog.


Hear Damco CEO Saskia Groen-Int-Woud, and Twill CEO Anne Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, give a quick rundown of what else Twill can offer. 

Designed around you

Twill exists to make it easy for businesses like you to succeed. Our intuitive online interface makes it easy to make a booking in a matter of minutes, and you can track the whole process from the moment it’s picked up from the supplier, to when it’s delivered to the buyer.

To help you navigate uncertain times we have instant 30-day contracts or competitive daily rates.

Our customer support team, or Twillers as we like to call them, are a 150 strong team of logistics experts that are ready to help 24/7 in 30 languages.

How Twill works

Easy online booking

Create an account, fill in your preferred tradeline and delivery date and you’re all set, in a matter of minutes.

Customs Clearance Card

No more messy email chains and paper trails. All your important customs information can be accessed via our dashboard.

Track and Trace

Track your shipment against important milestones on the journey, so you stay up to date on the status of your cargo all the time.

Even more Twill benefits

  • Inland Transportation
  • Instant Pricing
  • Hassle-free paperwork
  • Get your data working for you

Inland Transportation

We don't just look after things when they're out at sea. We also know how important it is to know what's happening while things are moving on land. So, if you need full end-to-end shipping, we offer Inland Transportation to keep things running simply and smoothly.

Instant and transparent pricing

Get flexible and competitive prices on the spot, or in advance, as well as cost breakdowns. So you can look after the business while we look after your logistics.

Hassle-free paperwork

Twill is finally putting an end to those lengthy email chains. Upload and access your ocean freight documents and approve suppliers instantly online to initiate bookings.

Get your data working for you 

Create reports quickly and simply, so you can make the most of your data with informed decisions about your supply chain.

Ready to start shipping with Twill?

It only takes a few minutes to sign up in easy steps before you can start shipping with us, and 3.550 other happy customers.