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At Twill, we make shipping simple. Therefore our booking process is as easy as buying your airplane tickets. It takes just 30 seconds to place your next cargo booking. No phonecalls – just an intuitive platform. We take away your “to do’s” from your plate. Simply put the date, tradelane and see the price. Instant quotation 24/7.

Tired of not knowing where your cargo is? In Twill you don’t need to chase anyone. Simply sign in to the platform from any device and know exactly what is the next milestone and when your cargo will arrive. It’s like getting a package from any online store: you know where it is at any moment and when it will be delivered. Why not do that with your cargo shipment?

Find all your important documentation in one place. No more emails, tracking the latest version and communication back and forth. Both you and your suppliers can upload, amend and approve documents directly in our platform. We will send you notifications whenever there is any action to be taken. Access all the paperwork for your current and completed bookings instantly. History is saved with us.

In Twill, platforms and people go hand in hand. Therefore we selected the most professional talents to serve you. We know what is happening with your cargo, at all times. Our customer care team will reach out to you and your suppliers to make sure you are always updated. If there’s a problem, our customer care ninjas will swoop to the rescue.

Instant Quotation
Milestone Transparency
Document Handling
Customer Care Team

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How we Twill it?

Twill employees riding their bycicle

We only hire the best people to serve you.

Man coding on his laptop

We are obsessed with making shipping simple for you.

Through our selection process, we hire the people with the best skills, and above all, the people with the right attitude to serve you.

We are constantly collecting feedback from our customers and our agile tech team delivers exciting new features every two weeks!

Is your supplier usually booking the shipment for you?

Don’t change your habit! Supplier initiated booking, allows you to grant your suppliers the right to place a booking on your behalf. No worries! You always stay in control by approving each shipment and keeping information about the costs. Monitor all activities in our platform and save yourself the hassle of scheduling!

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