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Shipping has never been simpler

We take the complexity out of getting your cargo from A to B.

Twill weaves the process together for you and provides an online solution that’s simple and easy to use, leaving you more time to focus on your own customers.

The choice is yours

We help you to transport your cargo in any direction


Are you buying goods from another country?
No hassle! Place a booking yourself or grant your supplier the right to do it on your behalf.


Are you sending your goods to another country?
We’ve got you covered! Easily place a booking and we will deliver the cargo to your buyer.

How we Twill it?

Twill employees riding their bycicle

We only hire the best people to serve you.

Through our selection process, we hire the people with the best skills, and above all, the people with the right attitude to serve you.

Man coding on his laptop

We are obsessed with making shipping simple for you.

We are constantly collecting feedback from our customers and our agile tech team delivers exciting new features every two weeks!

We are part of A.P. Moller – Maersk.

As a Maersk innovation, the reliability of Twill and its agile approach to the development of freight forwarding, means that we can be responsive as the market continues to evolve.

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