Track & Trace

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Your personalized Twill dashboard keeps you updated about the status of your shipment. read more…

Easy booking

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You can place a new booking in just 30 seconds. Simply fill in your date and tradelane and receive an instant quote. read more…

Centralized paperwork

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With Twill, all your paperwork is stored in one place, saving you time and stress. read more…

24/7 Customer Care

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With our pro active customer care team you have over 5000 experts at your side to manage even the toughest exceptions. read more…

Our dashboard solution

Logistics is not your main business, but it’s ours. We make logistics simple and predictable, so that you can save time and energy to grow your business. As a digital freight forwarding solution, Twill is bringing the industry to the 21st century. We serve full container load, ocean services from port to door. If you are importing from China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan territories), Vietnam, Indonesia or India to the USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France or Mexico, why not Twill your shipment with us?

What do our clients say?

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Chesray Nelson

Great team! Great product! This is shipping simplified and streamlined for this day and age. Think of it as the Amazon of the shipping industry.

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Chris Coxon

With Twill, It is so easy to see what you have booked, what stage it is at, and it has speeded up contact between supplier and shipper, there is no more endless emails between supplier shipper and warehouse!

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After using this system for a while now, I can honestly say the clarity of the information available is excellent, all the information you would need is there at a glance.

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