Championing empowerment and opportunity at Twill as a sales person

by Kirsty O’Donohue, UK Business Leader

The Twill platform has been built and has evolved based on the needs of our customers from day one. Whilst having only been an official Twiller since January 1st this year I have been a champion of Twill within the Group since the very early days and am very proud to have been directly involved with the second ever customer booking on the Twill platform!

As the UK Business Leader for Twill, I enjoy watching the company continue to grow at such a fast pace. Together with my team of sales representatives & the customer care team I get to see & hear, first-hand, the reaction from customers when we demonstrate to them what Twill can do to help their business and the satisfaction of those clients who continue to work with us.

With SMEs being our core customers, they’re often surprised at the level of service they receive. It’s not something they’re used to, but at Twill SMEs are our VIPs. We use the technology of our platform and pair it with award-winning customer service to find the sweet spot that meets their needs. Match this with market competitive pricing and no additional costs to enjoy the platform, Twill really is keeping shipping simple.

Empowerment and opportunity

I love the way things work at Twill. I’ve worked in corporate companies throughout my career and the rules of engagement have been very rigid & fixed with a process-driven approach. Having always been in the freight industry, I believe that is symptomatic of how traditional the logistics industry has been.

At Twill, things are quite different. At Twill you’re empowered and encouraged to bring ideas and feedback on the platform and put forward suggestions for improvement to the product team. It’s great to feel like you can have a direct impact on the product you’re selling to customers.

This is not only limited to the platform evolution but normal methods of working are continually reviewed through proper channels to check they make sense and if they don’t, everyone is encouraged to think outside of the box and challenge ourselves to work smarter, not harder.

A global reach 

Another benefit of working at Twill since I joined has been the continued expansion of the platform into new countries and continents. We’re now active in 26 countries on 5 continents and that means we get to work with our colleagues around the world, utilising our network to support sales & retention.

As new trade lanes are added, whether it’s India or the USA, we have teams there who are on-hand to support if you need to understand the local context of a country in order to best sell it to customers.

Opportunities in our industry move very quickly and that means decisions often have to be made very quickly too. As a sales organisation, we are trusted and empowered to make decisions in our country that put us in the best position in our market. This is the same for our sales teams around the world, whether they’re in China or Benelux, we are all trusted to take action. In my previous experience that’s not always the case!

Exciting times ahead

If I had to use one word to describe working at Twill right now, I’d say ‘exciting’. From only 1 dedicated Twiller less than 2 years ago in the UK, 7 in 2018 we have grown that to 12 already in Q1 2019. It’s great to watch the platform grow and get better and to build my team to grow with it.

There’s never been a better time to be a Twiller as we reach new countries and develop new functionality every year. That means the opportunities to be a part of our team are growing too! Take a look at our careers page today and see all of our openings –

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