Our team

The team is what makes Twill successful. All of us – Twillers – are waking up every day to serve the needs of our customers. Our team is a blend of innovative people with experience in digital solutions and freight forwarding. We work agile and we are not afraid to make a difference by digitalizing freight forwarding. Check out who we are and what drives our culture.

Meet a few of our Twillers

We believe there is a simpler way, we pursue it every day.

QA Engineer

Onno is our gatekeeper of quality, writing code to check code. Combining both creative and abstract thinking to help out IT and business. All, so that end of the day (or commit) the black box is actually green. After years of experience in different industries he came here to help us digitize logistics processes and ensure our platform is up and running at all time!

Customer Care

Natasha is a dedicated Customer Care Ninja who ensures that all of our customers receive friendly, pro-active customer service. Natasha has previous experience in financial operations and customer service and is, therefore, able to provide an encompassing experience for our customers.

Lead Designer

Volkan applies user-centered design thinking to create easy and engaging experiences in Twill. His aspiration is to create meaningful experiences for people by identifying solutions that consider the needs of both users and stakeholders and translate complex systems into an easy to follow the narrative. Experienced in applying design methods to intangible and complex digital services.

Head of Growth

We know that many customers are out there trying to find a simpler way to ship their cargo. Juan leads the team whose mission is to find these customers online and offline. He has several years of experience driving growth in Ericsson, P&G and AIESEC as he is always excited to make good – big!

People disrupting logistics

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Our culture

This is what all Twillers have in common: Culture. It defines the relationships we build, the attitude we have and the way we communicate. For each element below we have a flagship initiative to ensure that those principles do not stay only on paper. We stay true to them and make an effort for our culture to amplify the ability of each Twiller to become better version of themselves.

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We use available expertise to co-create the solution. We keep it simple and efficient at all times. Always asking ourselves where to invest our time in order to get the best results.

We are laser focused. We know what drives our business and contribute to that AT ALL TIMES, in every functional area or project we work on! First things first!

We believe every day is a good day for a SIMPROVEMENTS, a.k.a. simple improvements. Driving transformation is a state of mind at Twill! Rapid pace is included.

We embrace diverse learning opportunities and we grow. Every day. As individual Twillers and as a business. Finding a way to be better is our daily motto!

We celebrate our diversity of opinions and approaches every Thursday during our Nominations session! We are transparent, straightforward and respectful!

We do what we love to do with people we respect and value! Twill is full of people with different passions and we embrace that diversity. Join us in making our workplace even more enjoyable.

Our business is growing and we are building up a strong team of Twillers based out of The Netherlands. If you are interested in an innovative and fast-moving start-up environment within freight forwarding you should apply now.