The people working for you

Twill's success is down to the hard work of our people. Our Twillers work passionately every day, to provide customers with the best possible service for their cargo. A blend of innovative thinking, with experience in digital solutions and freight forwarding - we work agile and we are not afraid to make an impact in freight forwarding.

Our Culture

This is what all Twillers have in common: Culture. It defines the relationships we build, the attitude we have and the way we communicate.

For each element below we have a flagship initiative to ensure that those principles do not stay only on paper. We stay true to them and make an effort for our culture to amplify the ability of each Twiller to become better version of themselves.

We’re in the logistics business because we love to help. So we listen to find out what they need and we deliver. Our expertise and data-driven approach simplifies the shipping game, leaving our users more time to focus on what they do best, their business.

To make waves in the shipping industry, you have to dare to think differently. We constantly challenge our assumptions. We explore, create and test new ways of getting from A to B, creating a world where shipping is truly as simple as one, two, three.

Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves. But often, working smarter can get you there faster. We take ownership, work together and think things through. By collaborating we come up with clever solutions that keep moving us forward.

Without fun nothing much remarkable would ever get done. There is a unique mixture of passion and curiosity bubbling inside all of us. It’s an endless source of creative energy that kick-starts all sorts of collaborations. All you have to do is let it out and celebrate what makes YOU you.

We’re a logistics provider that believes potential isn’t programmed, it’s nurtured. Every day is an opportunity to learn. When you grow, Twill grows. And yes, sometimes we make mistakes. But that only means we learn and grow even more.

Everything comes down to trust. By trusting each other, we can be our authentic selves. It makes us stronger and brings us closer together. That’s why we offer each other an open and inviting place to build honest relationships.

Start your own career at Twill

Our business is growing and we are building up a strong team of Twillers in over 25 countries. If you are interested in an innovative and fast-moving start-up environment within freight forwarding, you should apply now.